Finding Gameboy Color Games

I have always loved playing games on handheld consoles versus other ones. My brother always loved playing on the Playstation, controller in hand, eyes on the television but I’d prefer to curl up on the couch with my entire device in my hands, close to me, rather than farther away. So it was no surprise that my involvement with this project turned to the Gameboy Color.

I still had my Gameboy Color from when I was a child and with research since I was a little kid in the 90s myself, I proved the console was created in the 90s which means it was perfect to add to the room.

Since I hadn’t played with it in a long time as I kept getting the newer and newer Nintendo consoles (the Gameboy Advance, DS, and now 3DS), I had to do some cleaning work to make it look presentable. Besides a few scratches on the screen that noting could be done for and, to be honest, who doesn’t end up putting scratches on any screen whether it is console or phone, the only bad part of it was dirt under the buttons. It was the thing to do in my neighborhood as a child:  when we were allowed to play outside, we’d take our Gameboys and play together, resulting in dirty buttons. So I got out as much as I could, since I could actually see the dirt as the color of the console is called atomic purple and that specific color was translucent so that you could see the hardware that made up the console. So once that was done, the Gameboy was good to go.

My next challenge however was what games to add to the room with it. Since the games had to be from the 90s, and hopefully games that a teenage girl in the 90s would want to play, I had to find games from that time that weren’t too boyish and were more gender neutral as there wasn’t too many games made for girls or if there was, reviews of the games showed how badly made they were.

What I had.

I had two games myself that were made in the 90s:  Super Mario Bros. Deluxe and Pokemon Red. Ironically enough, they were the only games that I still had and to this day those franchises are the ones that I still mainly play games from today.


As there aren’t a lot of local places around town that have Gameboy Color games that were reasonably priced, I turned to eBay to find my games. I looked through all the Gameboy Color games that were available and picked out a list of ones that I thought would fit the criteria and then I matched those games against a list of games and their year. My list shrunk significantly after that but I was able to get some games that were still on my list.

What I ended up with.

After countless watching because, even though they’re older, Gameboy games are still pretty popular, I was able to buy four games:  Bug’s Life, Arcade Classic 3:  Galaga & Galaxian, Kirby’s Dream Land 2, and Harvest Moon gbc.

I still wanted more games to add to my collection but my list had dwindled from when it first began and some of the games I wanted to get weren’t being added to eBay. There was one game that I wanted to get, the name of which I won’t mention as I was unable to get it, that no matter how long I watched, the bid would always increase more than what I could pay, every time.

So in the end, my collection totaled to six games, all of which I believe a teenaged girl in the 90s would play and I learned to how play the bidding game on eBay.


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