Surfin’ The Net of Communication

90s Communication Through the Net

Although I was not able to contribute much to the 90s Console Livingroom because my project was mostly intellectual versus physical, I still learned a lot through this Individual Study. I spent a lot of time using the Way-Back Machine, and fighting through the mass amounts of broken, non-existent, and non-coherent links, images, and webpages. I had to use suggestions from friends who were into the Internet in the 90s, as well as articles and listicles found online which reference the “oldest working webpages still around!”

Some of my favorite aspects of the old websites I found were the adorable minimal CSS in the HTML. More than just nostalgia, I almost feel a closer connection to the basic webpages because of how complicated some web-designs can be. Plus, I love the way that the 90s had this over excessive use of exclamation marks. I connect with the over excessive use of exclamation marks on an emotional level.

“Your Link to the Internet!”

The aesthetics of old HTML appeal to our nostalgia, as 90s babies. For me, the design appeals to the minimalist side of my brain. I found a few more websites which can be found on my own blog, and took a bunch of screenshots while I was diving through the Old Internet.

Bliss was a real photograph by Charles O’Rear in 1996, and the most iconic wallpaper of all time.

I even looked into the original Windows background which most 90s babies remember at the drop of a hat. I’m pretty sure my parents still used that background until was the photograph was retired in April 2014.

While I specifically wanted to look at how Internet users in the 90s talked to each other with this new medium of communication. I originally had a big idea that I wanted to install on the computer in the room, however time got away from me and my computer skill “eyes” were bigger than my reality “stomach.”

I wanted to add more to the room, however my topic was already limited in physicality.

They’re almost cute theyre so basic.

I did however complete a research paper which I compare how communication has changed from the 90s until now, and how technology has influenced our society in ways previously unimaginable. In the paper, I do analyze Emojis and Emoticons and why the use of them in computer mediated communication is important. We use Emojis and Emoticons to add emotions to the messages we send through text. Emotions which we would normally convey through our facial expressions and body gestures, but have not visibility through the computer, or other digital devices.

As for the physical room, I was able to contribute a pink file cabinet I had actually found in a thrift store for about $5. This did not have anything to do with what I contributed to the project. However, the pink cabinet was helpful for my other peer’s project by being a space to store items, and adding to the 90s aesthetic in the room. Another participant in this project wanted to base the 90s room we created on the room in Clarissa Explains It All, so we went with a pink theme, and my file cabinet added to that.

My favorite part of the whole project was hearing about the other students on campus enjoying the room. I was excited as to what we were going to do with the room, but the fact that other students felt comfortable enough to play the games, watch movies and television shows, and hang out in the area. I think once more of the campus knows what we are doing, we will have even more visitors, helpers, and contributions.

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