Interior Design

Clarissa’s bedroom.

The television character Clarissa Darling was a huge point of inspiration when designing the 90s room. The show Clarissa Explains It All ran from March 23, 1991 to October 1, 1994. As a teenage girl in the 90s with an interest in computer game programming, taking tips from the set of Clarissa felt like a good place to start.

Clarissa at her computer.

Clarissa Darling’s bedroom is considered iconic and one of the most enviable bedrooms from TV in the 1990s—just ask Buzzfeed, People, and Gurl. Clarissa’s bedroom is a mismatched, pink, checkered, hubcap-covered, teenage paradise (at least in the 90s). The beige carpet, pastel pink wall, and floral wallpaper come straight from popular design trends in the 90s. The show even started its own trend that didn’t really take-off, but it did make it’s way on to Bustle’s list of 22 Things Every ’90s Kid Wanted in Their Bedrooma pet crocodile in a kiddie-sandbox.

Pink computer chair.

The computer chair in Clarissa’s room should look familiar, there’s a pink version of it in the 90s room. Since there are limitations as to what could be done with the space, decorative pieces like posters and stickers were the best way to show 90s style and design. Pink was brought into the room early with a filing cabinet, so it only made since after researching the popularity of pastel pink to keep the trend going.

Handmade with love.


Two pillows where made for the specific purpose of showing popular 90s design schemes, tying the room together and creating a harmonious color scheme between pink and blue. The blue is a normal cotton fabric that introduced the use of floral patterns into the room and the pink is a plain flannel fabric.

Interior design is important because, those who watch House Hunters know, certain trends make rooms look “dated” and no one wants to buy a house with pastel pink walls or floral wallpaper. But most importantly, if a room doesn’t have comfortable furniture and isn’t inviting, then who would want to stay in it and play some rad 90s video games?



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