90s Entertainment and Culture

The television is an integral part of 90s culture and one’s experience with the 90s exhibit. It’s the place where families bond together with the help of various forms of entertainment, like television shows, commercials, and video games. The commercials given to the world in 90s are some of the most memorable commercials for being vibrant, quick and unpredictable.

Where the Culture Happens

Many of the commercials aimed at the young demographic showed them what it mean to be a cool kid at the time with the use of mascots skating around, wearing shades, spitting some rhymes. Some of the more iconic commercials that feature plenty of effects were also for the same demographic. The rapid zooming both in and out, plenty of rapid fire jump cuts, and colorful hypnotic spiral effects were featured in plenty of the commercials that I found throughout this course.

Screencap of the Super Mario Allstars Commercial

The shows that aired on television in the 90s had a bigger effect on the culture in one’s home more than commercials did. After some research, I was able to deduce that shows could change the way some parents and children acted towards one another. For example, say that a family watches a decent chunk of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. After a while, the children may start sassing their parents more of seeing Will Smith doing the same to Uncle Phil(James Avery) or the parents may act a bit stricter and encourage their children to work harder.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. NBC.

Just about any show can alter the culture of one’s home if the family allows it. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad to have the culture change in your home. This just shows how media is an important part of our lives. That importance has only increased since the 90s thanks to technology evolving so quickly and drastically changing the culture of not just the homes, but of every human being.

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